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This is kind of a random comment, but I felt I had to mention this because it is just so odd. In the past three weeks I have had four dreams in which Saint Sean, who is called Bean, played at least some part. It is also slightly desturbing to have had this many dreams with the same recurring face. I wonder if it means anything.

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Calvin and hobbes hugs

new convert

Just joined the church of Peej, I read LoTR few years before the movie came out, and I have to confess my sin of initial sceptisms when I first heard that someone was going to make a movie of the book. I shuddered and envisaged all manner of hellish horrors, from a complete Hollywood re-write with new non Tolkien characters to the likes schwarznegger rolling up to Mordor on a motorbike with a bazooka, and blasting the eye with an asta la vista baby.
So I was totally impressed when I went to see it at the cinema, and even more impressed that they did all three parts of the story as three seperate films rather than trying to condense it (as I'm sure hollywood would have done if they had got their hands on it) into one short, action packed, romantic drama.

I was mightly impressed with Peej's work and will watch the DVD's for years to come......



I am Ilmare Eowyn named after charectors in the book by my Tolkein follower father, I prefer to go by Irith or Kia. I am farely new to the Church of Peej, and am looking foward to much participation on my part.

Hobbits are love.

In the name of my personal saint, Saint Sean who is called Bean, and the Holy Peej, I thank you.

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Good morning all.

Today's sermon will take an ususual form, in that we will all have a hand in writing it. Since our little Church is ever-growing from its humble roots, with a substantial amount of devotees, I feel the time has come to ask:

What does Peejism mean to you?

You can write a paragraph, you can write a sentence.
You can make an icon, or draw a picture.
You can attempt to convey your message through telepathy.

You are also free to ignore the question entirely and continue to worship in your own way!

I would like to thank genevieveangell for inspiring this sermon with a beautiful essay on the subject of faith.

I will of course make my own contribution to this endeavour in the comments along with anyone else who sees fit to.

In the name of the Philippa, the Fran and the Holy Peter. Epic.
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make not war


Greetings brothers and sisters, honored church leaders.

I am filled with joy at the recent revival of our worship community, and at the sainting of our dear Andy.

For a few days now I have been meaning to post an explanation of why I have been so quiet in this, my chosen church. Not by way of making excuses, but to share with you how my Peejist faith has sustained me throughout this time.

I will be completing my bachelor's degree in just a few weeks now, and in my program we are required to complete an interdisciplinary year-long 10-credit-hour senior thesis. This is essentially a mini-Master's thesis that caps off our four-year self-designed course of study. Suffice it to say this is a long and difficult process and project. My own personal epic, if you will. For the past month or two my life has centered on completing this project. It has involved innumberable late-nighters and several all-nighters, all while having to keep up in my other classes. Just last week I turned in the printed copies, and this week and next I am presenting my work publicly.

No, it is not anywhere near the length of one installment of the Great Work, nor is it near that kind of quality level. It is however the most important, largest scholarly work of my young life and has been quite a trial (one that is not quite over). Throughout this trial of mine I have been sustained and inspired by my faith in and love of the Holy Three. If the Great Peej can do such fantastic work on about four hours of sleep a night for many years, surely even I can do passable or even good work on four hours a night over a period of several weeks. If Peej can be so dedicated, I have thought many a time, surely I don't need to go to sleep just yet -- I can get a little more work done.

I thought I would share this story of how my Peejism has helped and inspired me, and I am curious to hear any similar stories any of my fellow believers may have. We all have our own little epics that are important and huge to us. Do you feel you have been helped in yours by your Peejist beliefs?

Thank you for hearing my little story of faith.

In the name of the Phillipa, the Fran, and the Holy Peter. Epic.

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Dearest worshippers of Peej, my most humble apologies for the recent lack of activity within the church.

However, I am pleased to inform you that my absence has not been in vain. After weeks of fasting and prayer, my greatest wish has come true.

Yes, just in time to celebrate alongside his 40th birthday, Andy Serkis has achieved sainthood in the Church of Peej.


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Bob dylan

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Hey all. :) The name's Carly, long time lurker, first time (or at least first I can remember) poster. I have something I'd like help with, but it should be fun. I have a LotR humor page ( and I'm collecting audience partisipation lines for all three movies. Fellowship already has a lot, but I need major help for Two Towers and Return of the King. Any suggestions?
APLs are, of course, fun things to yell, say, or do while seeing either of the LotR movies. It's fine to do them at home with a group of friends, but of course, making a fool of yourself in a crouded theatre of strangers is so much better. Please e-mail me any ideas at! Tell me your name and which movie they go to, and I'll put you up on the site! Love!


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