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Welcome to the Church of Peej

Devoted to the worship of the Holy Trinity of Philippa, Fran and Peter

The Peejist Revolution
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In the beginning, there was the book. And people read it and they saw that it was good. Then came the dark days of the BBC radio adaptation and the Ralph Bakshi animated version. The world had fallen into sin.

Then, lo, from the backwaters of New Zealand, there came the man. The legend. The most holy and revered Peter Jackson.

"Come," quoth he. "Thou hast read the book and thou knowest that it is good. Follow me and thou shalt see miraculous things, the like of which you could never imagine." And, lo, a motley assortment of cast and crew didst heed his words and in time became his disciples. The greatest of these were the Nine, or the Apostles: Ian, Viggo, Orli, John, Lij, Dom, Billeh, Sean, and Sean who is called Bean. And for many years they didst preach the word of Peej; and of the Holy Trinity of Philippa, Fran and Peter; and of the prophecies foretold by Tolkien and implemented by Weta and 3 Foot 6.